Sanction s demo an exercise in futility

Public demonstrations are particularly useful. They are never spontaneous, but they appear as such and always receive public notice. A well organized demonstration can create a completely false impression of the actual... Read more »

An end to an E(rror)ra- an orbituary

Cricket commentators would have aptly put it “an innings which he fell just 5 runs short of his maiden ton, an innings marred by a low and poor strike rate and frequent... Read more »

Jungle laws; who is who in this jungle.

Early last month, Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa announced that his party, the Movement for Democratic Change, would be taking to the streets in protests against the fast deteriorating economic and political... Read more »

Fascist State (Mis)Behavior Is Provocative: MDC Youth Assembly Statement on Attempted Abduction of Our Leadership

The MDC Youth Assembly is deeply concerned and riled by the fascist antics of state security agents on innocent youth leadership. It is very shocking and saddening that the state repressive machinery... Read more »

August 01: A Legacy Of Gruesome Military Human Butchery

By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma (Eye Witness to August 01 Killings) The first of August brings with it a flood of kaleidoscopic sad memories of savage human butchery at the hands of the... Read more »

Zimbabwe’s worst nightmare

Another day, another country, another nightmare. A country lies in its permanent state of half comatose. Each day is its own monster and its own master. We live in pain and suffering.... Read more »

Welcome back worry us

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Who is inciting the people?

  By Tapiwanashe Chiriga Talks of an uprising have been dominating spaces over the past few months and as the pain of economic mismanagement has been increasing, so has the urge and talk... Read more »

Outlawing of Demos is Declaration of War On Citizens

By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma In a display of pure arrogance of incumbency the Emmerson Mnangagwa administration yesterday continued on its deleterious path by banning the citizens’ right to register their discontentment through... Read more »

We have nothing to celebrate

  On Thursday Zimbabwe marked 39 years of the so- called freedom by the diabolic government of Zanu pf. All these years were marked with suffering and us as the citizens have... Read more »