In the jaws of a crocodile

By Fanuel Chinowaita

Currently we are in a state whereby some people have unlimited power resting squarely the use of force, not limited by anything or restrained by any laws or any absolute rules.

These people have transformed other people  into desperate cornered animals. We have people who were murdered in cold blood. Some, like Itai Dzamara, Paul Chizuze were abducted and their whereabouts remain unknown up to today .

If things do not change, very soon people will be accused for spitting and convicted for hooliganism.

Two days ago someone called Paradza Kainesi, Makonde Legislator said MDC people who were beaten outside their Headquarters in Harare are criminals. It’s very sad!

All the above clearly explains the type of government we have. We are in a Dictatorship state.


Learning from the past experience, we have seen that Zanu pf factional fights will not change anything in Zimbabwe.

In November 2017, we all marched against Robert Mugabe who had been in power since 1980. We were all confident that freedom which we have been longing for had finally arrived…what followed remains a thorn in the flesh.

Let me take you back to Russia in 1918, Lenin retorted, “the energy and mass nature of terror must be encouraged.” Lenin perceived that as a minority representing virtually  no one but themselves, the communists could survive and rule only through force.

In 1924 Lenin died from a stroke and Stalin took over. During his time about 20 million people were killed.

When he died in 1953, a band led by Khrushchev ultimately won, “a faction fight confined to a narrow section of the leadership”, thereby gaining control of the Party and the Soviet Union.

Khrushchev relaxed the terror by closing many concentration camps and freeing  many prisoners. He also reorganized the entire political and police structure.

Think of the so-called new dispensation by Mnangagwa.

False hope was created when Mnangagwa took over from Mugabe, he promised jobs, real engagement with Zimbabweans, Africa and the world. He also vowed to follow the constitution and respect human rights.

We all said, “Freedom has finally came”, not knowing that even the little freedom we had will be taken away from us.

Khrushchev had been a zealous agent of the purges and a shameless sycophant to Lenin. While presiding over the purges he referred to himself as “Friend and comrade in arms of Stalin.

On 30 June 1956, Khrushchev formally warned both Soviet people and the world that there would be no fundamental change in the Soviet system.

The Soviet Union still was ruled by a tiny oligarchy, supported by the new class of the Party bureaucracy, whose power rested directly on the force supplied by the secret political police, the KGB.

“As for our country, the communist Party has been and will be the only master of minds, thoughts, the spokesman, leader and organizer of the people.”

Mnangagwa is the typical example of Khrushchev, look at what he promised and what is on the ground.

The state security is being used to silence the aggrieved citizens. Now Mnangagwa has signed MOPO bill into a law. All our freedom has been taken away. Zimbabwe to become a de facto one party State.

All the opposition and civic organizations gatherings  and demonstrations are banned.

During Mugabe era, Mnangagwa was his right hand man, leading all the purges, thousands of people died.

Rumours are saying Kasukuwere ‘Tyson’ is planning another coup. Some are saying its Chiwenga. No matter the consequences, the majority of Zimbabwe will not benefit from these factional fights.

Whoever wins a factional fight confined to a narrow section of the leadership will rule.

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About the Author: Fanuel Chinowaita