State unleashed riot police at UZ students


At least 33 people were injured when government deployed anti riot police to University of Zimbabwe where students were conducting their SRC election yesterday.

ZINASU National Secretary General Ashely Pfunye said that Zanu pf affiliated Students’ Union ZICOSU hired thugs after a heavy defeat by Zimbabwe National Students Union Female candidate Abiona Mataranyika.

“Zanupf defeated at UZ as we ushered the first female president to lead UZ. They have resorted to violence, using machetes, axes and concrete stones. Students are realiating, It’s pound for pound!”he said,

ZINASU National Secretary General issued a statement denouncing victimization of students by the state.

“We are sending a clear message to Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cahoots to stop victimising students and focus on building the economy.

“We have reports that 32 Students have been hurt and one has broken knee”, he said in his statement.

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About the Author: Fanuel Chinowaita